Glossary of Terms

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gas injection -  For this treatment, the eye doctor injects a gas bubble into the eye. The doctor might do this in addition to the laser or cryopexy treatment. The gas bubble can help hold the retina against the eye wall while the areas treated with laser or cryopexy reattach at full strength, which can take up to a week.
glaucoma - 

This is damage of the optic nerve and loss of vision. It is usually associated with an increase in fluid pressure inside the eye. A person with diabetes is nearly twice as likely to get glaucoma.

glaucoma drainage implant  -  For this surgery, the eye doctor places an implant inside the eye to help fluid drain. There are different types of implants eye doctors can use for this treatment. Your eye doctor can help you decide which type is best for you.
granular dystrophy - 

Granular dystrophy causes "crumb-shaped" lesions to form on the inside of the eye. Over time, these lesions can grow and affect vision. In some people, the condition also causes eye pain or discomfort.